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Gluten-free Cakes and Biscuits


We are very happy to report that we have tested all the recipes in the Delia's Cakes book, with gluten-free ingredients. And we're even happier to tell all gluten-free cake-makers that we have been most impressed with the results. Sometimes the cakes might be a little more crumbly, but most of the time there is very little difference, particularly with muffins, fruit cakes and biscuits.

To make your cake gluten-free, just replace any ingredients listed below with gluten-free versions.

The gluten-free ingredients we used are:

  • White flour, plain and self-raising

  • Baking powder

  • Cornflour

  • Cereals

  • Porridge oats (ground in a mini-chopper to replace oatmeal)

  • Polenta

    NOTE:  A small number of our recipes were really not suitable; these have been marked with an asterisk on the contents page of Delia's Cakes Book.

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