Starters are an important part of any meal as they set the scene for the culinary delights to come, and get the appetite going! You've submitted some real corkers - all well worth a look!

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Fish Soup

Published 11 Jun 2009
by  Julie Sutton

simple but great!


Foie Gras en Terrine (Fresh Duck or Goose Liver baked in a Terrine)

Published 11 Jun 2009
by marilyn

Copyright: Debra Fioritto Weber, from Your Guide to French Cuisine.


French Onion Soup Gratinee

Published 11 Jun 2009
by Liz from Cumbria

From Good Housekeeping Illustrated Cookbook, cheat ingredient Condensed Consomme.




I LOVEany type of french onion soup i think its so good for you and makes you feel good after eating some


Fresh Pea and Watercress Soup

Published 01 Nov 2011
by Mustard Comms

For more delicious recipes visit


Garlic crutons - Garlic and Parmasan crutons

Published 11 Jun 2009
by  Janis

These are left overs turned into a treat. I keep mine in a kilner jar with a paper towel folded into the bottom to ensure soak up of any unwanted oil. I am currently cooking on a very old wood burning stove ( I will not have a proper kitchen until


GARLIC PRAWNS (Gambas al ajillo)

Published 11 Jun 2009
by Pamela

This is a dish you will find in many tapas bars as well as restaurants all over Spain


Garlic Scallops

Published 11 Jun 2009
by  Helen

Quick and easy dish. Best not to have before a date. If serving to guests you need to impress do be aware that someone may need to be on parsley stuck between teeth duty.


Gazpacho soup

Published 25 Jun 2012
by RachelF

This is more or less the recipe from Elisabeth Luard’s Cooking of Sp


Goats Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms

Published 11 Jun 2009
by Saffy

A quick and simple starter - had this in a pub in Hartfield

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