Starters are an important part of any meal as they set the scene for the culinary delights to come, and get the appetite going! You've submitted some real corkers - all well worth a look!

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"Almost" Heinz Tomato Soup

Published 01 Sep 2009
by Yummy

I call this "Almost" as it is the nearest I can get it to the "real" thing .Lovely rich Tomatoey soup to which you can add Coriander, cream, piment etc to ring the changes and spice it up if you like, add Pasta or Rice to bulk it up for a


1. Basic pottage (Mixed vegitable soup) Suitable for vegan and vegitarian diets

Published 11 Jun 2009
by  Janis

Ideal for anyone on a budget or in a hurry. Once made this forms the base for loads of other soups that can be knocked up in 10-15 min. The ingredients list looks long but it's very basic, adaptable, just put in your favorite veg and can be made i


2. Bacon and Bean pottage

Published 11 Jun 2009
by  Janis

Made in under 5 min this soup is the favorite in our house. The bacon gives a rich salty flavour and the beans add colour and texture. Very filling. A French pal of the old Mari has come to lend a hand and made having this soup for lunch a conditio


4. Tomato soup. Suitable for vegan and vegitarian diets

Published 11 Jun 2009
by  Janis

This soup requires about 3 ladles of the basic mixed veg pottage. I have served it to a vegan with soda bread and got compliments. The finished soup is thick and wholesome, rough even, not at all like your average tinned tomato soup.



Published 18 Nov 2009
by HelenHigh

Adobo is considered the national dish of the Philippines. This dish consists of chunks of chicken or pork or both cooked in soy sauce, vinegar, bay leaf, lots of garlic and whole peppercorns. The stew is allowed to cook until the meats are


Asparagus Benedict

Published 11 Jun 2009
by  Helen

An elegant starter or indulgent breakfast. Perfect for an elegant brunch. See quick and easy hollandaise in my other recipes for a hollandaise recipe with minimal fuss.


Avocado and roast chicken bruschetta

Published 18 Jul 2014
by Avocado lover

This brushetta would be perfect as a starter or a light lunch


Avocado and Spinach Healthy Dip

Published 18 Jul 2014
by Avocado lover

Ideal to dive vegetable sticks into, this "Dip" is to be enjoyed without guilt during your apetiser this summer.


Avocado prawn

Published 07 Feb 2014
by Noreen, Board Moderator

Lovely starter




Easy peasy

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