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Quails Eggs in Roquefort dressing

Submitted by Broomstick 11 June 2009

About an hour before serving, put the cold quails eggs in a bowl with the dressing and leave till you serve them. At that point stir in the diced celery and snipped chives. When ready to serve, put a few salad spinach leaves on each starter plate then four quails eggs per person in the middle (three if you prefer), and then spoon over the dressing. This has been an absolute wow, much to my slight surprise, as I thought it was pretty good, but not that good! Enjoy! I served this with Irish wheaten bread handed round.



24 quails eggs,100g roquefort cheese,Small tub single cream,2/3 of the very centre tenderest celery sticks,Freshly chopped chives,Some small salad spinach leaves


Whizz the roquefort and single cream to make a dressing. Add freshly ground black pepper to taste.
Bring quails up to simmer and give two and a half mins at the simmer and then plunge into cold water and peel immediately.
Chop by hand very finely the celery, into small dice
Snip about half a ramekin of chives

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