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Pate Patties

Submitted by Crafty Cookie 11 June 2009

Serve with jacket Potatoes and seasonal vegetables. Makes 8 patties Serves 4 people



1lb/450g cold mashed Maris Piper potatoes,6oz/165g pate,chopped herbs to suit the pate,flour for dusting,


1 Mix together the mashed potato, pate and hebs in a large mixing bowl.
2 Divide the mixture into 8 even sized pieces.
3 Form the mixture into burger shaped patties.
4 Dust each pattie with a little flour on the flat sides.
5 Place the patties on a floured plate.
6 Cover the plate with clingfilm.
7 Place the patties in the fridge for a couple of hours to chill completely.
8 Heat a frying pan on the hob.
9 Place a little vegetable oil in the frying pan.
10 Pop the patties into the heated frying pan.
11 Fry the patties on both sides until golden brown over a moderate heat.
12 Dry the patties with kitchen paper.

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