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Pasta alla Carbonara

Submitted by eamonnroma 13 August 2010

Pasta alla Carbonara is a traditional dish of Rome. Some claim that the only way to eat the true thing is to go to one of the old, outside of the tourist area, restaurants. The dish goes really well with Rigatoni instead of spaghetti. No cream!



These are approximate measures, for 4 persons. 400g of Pasta (with durum hard wheat, such as Barilla). If eaten as a main course, 125g of pasta per person. 150g of guanciale or pancetta Good dollop of Pecorino. 3 large or 4 small eggs. Freshly ground pepper.


Water to boil, a little salt in the water, and put the pasta in to cook. Fry the pancetta in a little good olive oil until crispy. Beat the eggs well. When the pasta is nicely al dente, drain it, and throw it into the pan with the pancetta and a small quantity of the water from the pasta. Toss the pasta until it has absorbed the oil and the pancetta is all mixed up with it. Turn the heat off!!! Turn the beaten eggs into the pan (remember no heat) and toss it all together. The egg should coat the pasta, but not scramble (it should be a yellow colour and slightly liquid, then throw the cheese in, mix together, a liberal showering of black pepper and eat immediately. This dish is great with a good robust red wine such as vino nobile di montepulciano or sagrantino di montefalco.

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