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Mushroom volavants

Submitted by Sandra Sinclair 17 December 2011

This is a never fail for the festive season but also great tea time winter favourite Never fails to impress unexpected guests as it is so quick and easy to prepare And very more ish



Tin heinz mushroom soup Mushrooms Onion Garlic Salt pepper Butter Beaten egg


Finely chop mushrooms Same with the onion Melt butter in frying pan add mushrooms and toss until cooked This does not take long Remove the mushrooms In the same pan add some more butter and heat Add the onions and cook till golden brown Add the mushrooms back into frying season to tasted Remove and drain excess liquid Brush the pastry cases with beaten egg sprinkle with fresh ground black pepper and cook follow instructions When case are cooked remove from the oven and gently lift the lids leave to one side Add the can of soup to the mushroom mixture and stir Fill each volovent with the prepared mixture Place the lids make and return to a hot oven for 5 minutes Serve immediately Same recipe is fab with chicken breasts and chicken soup And so on and so on the list is limitless

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