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Mixed Vegetable Chowdersoup

Submitted by Julie Sutton 11 June 2009

Serve with crusty bread or crumbled water biscuits are also very good



2 tsp oil,1 tbsp butter,2 onions peeled and chopped,1 stick celery chopped,6oz carrots peeled and sliced,8oz squash peeled and chopped,6oz potatoes peeled and diced,2 tomatoes peeled and chopped,6oz broccoli florets,4oz sweetcorn,1 3/4 pints vegetable stock,4 1/2 fl oz low fat yogurt,torn basil leaves,


Heat oil and butter together
Add onions and cook till soft. Add celery, carrots, squash, potatoes. Stir for 5 mins. Add stock and simmer for 10 mins. Add broccoli, tomatoes and corn. Cook for another 5 mins.
If you like a chunky chowder add yoghurt, basil season and serve
If not Allow to cool slightly then pulse in a blender. Then add yogurt, basil season and serve

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