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Garlic crutons - Garlic and Parmasan crutons

Submitted by Janis 11 June 2009

Great with almost any soup you like. Nice on fresh green salads. Keep hidden or the family will snack on them like crisps!!!



Left over bread.,Vegitable oil ,Crushed garlic (3 cloves),Parmasan cheese grated (as much or as little as you like)


Use a very low oven.
Cut the bread into cubes and lay out on a baking tray (non stick is best)
In a jar shake together the crushed garlic and oil.
Pour over the bread.
Grate over the cheese.
Put into the oven and simply dry out the bread very slowly.
Tip out onto paper to soak up any excess oil
Fold a section of kitchen roll into 4 and put in the bottom of the storage jar, it will ensure the crutons are never wet or too oily.

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