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Cliff's Creamy Mushrooms on Toast.

Submitted by Cliff. 24 March 2011

A simple, but very delicious starter or a simple supper.



Splash of Olive Oil

Knob of Butter




Double Cream

Chopped Fresh Parsley.


Put the butter and a little olive oil into a pan. Sweat some chopped shallot and finely chopped garlic in the pan for a few minutes, but do not allow them to colour.
Take some mixed mushrooms that have been sliced and add them to the shallot and garlic mixture and sweat for a further couple of minutes or so.
Add some double cream and seasoning; salt and pepper and cook for a further minute or so until the cream is hot but, do not allow to boil.
Throw in some chopped fresh parsley at the end.

Meanwhile, put a couple of slices of good French bread or any other “fancy” bread under the grill until lightly toasted; I often rub garlic over the bread before toasting.
Serve the creamy mushroom mixture on the warm toast

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