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Chorizo cheesy puffs

Submitted by Barbara Flowerdew 08 June 2010

These chorizo bite-sized mouthfuls are great served hot with pre-dinner drinks or served cold as part of a picnic spread. A great way to use up the end piece of a chorizo sausage (or you can use the thin slices) and a very useful way to use up cheese way



250g ready rolled puff pastry 150g chopped chorizo freshly ground black pepper 100g grated cheddar or other hard cheese one beaten egg Chopped fresh chives and coriander


Using a 3" pastry cutter, cut out as many circles of pastry as you can, re-rolling if necessary. Then mix the chopped chorizo, grated cheese and black pepper together in a bowl. Put a teaspoon or so of the mixture onto one half of the pastry circles, then fold over to form a crescent shape, pressing down on the edge with a fork to seal. Don't overfill! You can freeze the puffs at this stage. When cooking, brush with the beaten egg and put onto a baking sheet. Cook in the oven for about 12-14 mins at 200degrees in a fan-oven and serve on a large platter, sprinkled with some chopped chives and coriander.

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