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"Almost" Heinz Tomato Soup

Submitted by Yummy 01 September 2009

I call this "Almost" as it is the nearest I can get it to the "real" thing .Lovely rich Tomatoey soup to which you can add Coriander, cream, piment etc to ring the changes and spice it up if you like, add Pasta or Rice to bulk it up for a



2 medium Onions 3 Largish Carrots (about 8 inch long) 1 large carton of Pureed Tomatoes 1 Kub d'Or (2 small cubes)(chicken stock cube) 1 tsp paprika 2oz butter and a little oil salt and black pepper to taste (Ground Piment,garlic, co


Slice and dice the onions and carrots, Melt the butter and oil in a large saucepan and gently sweat down the onions until golden brown, add the carrots, paprika and the stock cubes and turn down the heat, place the lid on the saucepan and cook gently for around 20-30 mins until the carrot is soft. Add the Pureed Tomato, salt and pepper and enough water to make up the soup up to about 1 + 3/4 litres of liquid. simmer gently for a further 5 mins and then take off the heat. Allow to cool down for 20 mins and then blitz in your food processor until very smooth, you may wish to add a little more water at this stage. You can add chopped coriander , piment, cream etc. to ring the changes and give a tasty heart soup. Bon Appetit

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