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1. Basic pottage (Mixed vegitable soup) Suitable for vegan and vegitarian diets

Submitted by Janis 11 June 2009

Nice with plain crusty bread. Allow the remaining soup to cool and store in the fridge in an air tight container ready to use as the base for other soups



Swizzle stick blender (if you are patient sieve will do),Little vegitable oil,1 large (or equiv) white onion - chopped fine,1 clove garlic - crushed,2 leeks - cut to about 1 inch,4 large - 6 small spuds (practice makes perfect) - peeled and cubed,2 small turnips - peeled and cubed,2 sticks celery - chopped about 1/2 inch,2 med carrots - cubed,Pepper and salt,boil the kettle you need enough water to make the turnips float.,Stock cubes are optional only if you feel you need one.


Put veg oil, chopped onion and crushed garlic into large stock pan and soften (don't brown).
Chuck in the rest of the veg.
Add enough boiling water to make the heavy veg sink and the turnips float.
This is a good guide to the amount of water needed.
Simmer until the spuds and carrots are tender.
At this point taste and season to your personal preferance.
Using a large straining spoon scoop out a small portion of mixed cooked veg and put into a bowl (1 for each serving)
Take your Swizzle stick and blend the contents of the pan til smooth.
Add 1 1/2 - 2 ladles to each bowl of saved whole veg.

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