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pretty veg in glass

Submitted by Gerry 11 June 2009

Serves 6. With bread and salad alongside it makes a nice meal. I use Tilda brown basmati rice for this; after experimenting I find it perfect if soaked for an hour in cold water first, then cooked for 15 minutes in fresh boiling water.



* 1lb basmati long-grained brown rice, * 1lb any green veg you like, * 1lb of any yellow or orange veg, * 1lb of any contrasting veg, * 1½ pints tomato sauce, * 8oz strong cheddar, * 2oz freshly-grated parmesan, * tall-sided oven-proof glass dish,,


Boil the rice, drain. Cook the vegetables separately. Arrange in glass dish in layers: a third of the rice on the bottom, then a third of the tomato sauce, then all the veg of one colour, then a third of the grated cheddar; repeat the layers with the next 2veg, finishing with the parmesan sprinkled on top of the last cheese layer. Put in a hot oven until bubbling, about 40minutes.

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