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Pressure cooker RUBY RED Grapefruit & Ginger marmalade

Submitted by Vx 22 February 2010

Using a pressure cooker to cook the whole citrus fruit cuts down the preparation time considerably. Makes approx 3- 3.5Kg (6-7 LB)



1.5Kg (3LB) Ruby Grapefruit 2Litre boiling water 2 teaspoon citric or tartaric acid 3Kg (6LB) white sugar. 115g (4oz) finely chopped crystallised ginger OR chopped stem ginger


Scrub fruit well and place in pressure cooker with 2Litre boiling water and cook for 30 mins at 15LB pressure. Do not remove the lid or the 15LB pressure weight as it cools overnight. Next day take out the cooled cooked citrus fruit and cut into eight segments on a plate to catch the juice. Remove the opaque pith with a sharp knife and place this in a large muslin square or scalded teatowel with the pips and return to the liquid in the open pressure cooker pan. Bring liquid containing the pips and pith to the boil for 6minutes,allow to cool and using clean hands squeeze the muslin bag tightly to extract the gooey pectin into the pan. Discard pith and pips. Slice the cooked peel into shreds and add to the cooking liquid which you will transfer to a clean preserving pan. Add the sugar in 1Lb batches allowing it to dissolve and add the citric or tartaric acid.Add the chopped ginger and boil hard to a rolling boil until setting point reached at 220F on sugar thermometer. Confirm set with frozen plate test when half teaspoon marmalade wrinkles up when your finger is pushed across it. allow to stand for 10 minutes to allow even distribution of shreds then pot into warm sterilized jars (half an hour at 130 in oven)

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