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Tomato, red pepper & apricot chutney

Submitted by Anastasia 29 September 2011

This is answeet , slightly tangy chutney.can be used as soon as it is cold , but obviously improves with age I do not use green peppers as they do not cook down so well , also the other colours are much sweeter



3lbs tomatoes skinned. 3 peppers,not green, skinned .. 2 cloves of garlic. I pt of vinegar 1lb brown sugar 1Tsp cinnamon. 1Tsp allspice. Pinch of nutmeg Good pinch of chilli flakes 4ozs dried apricots Scant Tsp salt. .Handful of raisins..(optional)


The day before I make the chutney I put the apricots to soak in a little of the vinegar from the 1pt I am going to use. Roast the peppers then put in a bag to cool. Put the tomatoes in a bowl , cover with boiling water for 1 min , then remove & skin. I put the peppers , tomatoes , apricots, plus the vinegar they have been soaking in, & garlic all in my processor , then blitz just a few times, do not blitz to a mush. Put all this in a pan , add everything else with the exception of the raisins, I tend to add them in the last 10 mins of cooking. Heat gently until the sugar has dissolved , then bring to a boil.this will take around an hour to cook, sometimes a little bit longer. You will know it is done when all the vinegar has gone, but do not cook it too dry. This can be used the same day , but obviously will taste better theolder it gets.

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