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Three fruit marmalade

Submitted by Christine M 31 October 2011

This is a good marmalade that you can make any time -you dont have to wait for the Seville orange season and it is a delicious pale orange colour.lThis recipe makes approx 8 jars marmalade



2 red grapefruit

5 lemons

2 large jaffa oranges

6 pints water

6 lb sugar

2 tablespoons pectin (optional but not at all if you choose to use preserving sugar as this has pectin in it already)


First cut the grapefruit in half squeeze out the juice, put it into your preserving pan and then remove all the pips and as much white pith as you can from the peel.reserve this in a muslin or nylon bag that you can put into the pan when cooking the peel.. set aside the peel shells.

Now do the same thing with the lemons and oranges

Cut all the peel shells into fine strips with either a pair of good kitchen shears or a sharp knife and put it into the preserving pan

Add  the 6 pints of water to the preserving pan with the squeezed juice and the pith & pip bag.Sometimes I end up with two pith & pip bags and if your pan is not big enough you can divide the whole lot into two pans at this stage.

Bring to the boil and then turn down to a low simmer and leave just moving for 4 hours.At this point the water will have simmered away so that it can all go into one pan.

I then leave this overnight until its cold and the flavours are improved.

Take out the pith & pip bags and Put the contents of them into a sieve and press down to get out all the pectin a juice using the back of a soup ladle into the preserving pan.

Add 1/2 pint water with the juice of another lemon and bring to a warm temperature then add the sugar and stir until completely dissolved.

25 minutes hard boil and it will be ready.

Leave to stand for 20 minutes then pot up. Wait until almost cold then turn the pots a  move a bit to disperse the peel

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