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Sweet Tomato Chutney

Submitted by Anastasia 11 June 2009

Can be eaten the same day .



1kl tTomatoes,350 ml Red wine vinegar,350 grms sugar,1 Whole head of garlic,1/2 Tsp Cayenne pepper Some grated ginger or 1 Tsp ground ginger.1Tsp salt. 4 to 6 ozs raisins


Skin the tomatoes, &put in the pan with the sugar , & about 300mls of the vinegar. Peel the garlic , & put in a blender with the cayenne, ginger , salt , & the rest of the vinegar. reduce to a puree, then add to the pan. The chutney will take about 1 hour to cook , sometimes a little more. You will know it is done when it looks dark , &.shiny. Another way to know it is cooked is to draw a line down the centre of the pan , & if it does not fill up with vinegar then it is ready.If you use raisins add just before the chutney is cooked , I leave them in cooking no more than 5 mins.

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