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Spiced Crabapple Jelly

Submitted by JamJar aka Chutney Queen 11 June 2009

Good on toast, etc. and also with roast pork or gammon or chicken.



6 lbs. crabapples halved,3 pints water,approx.8 cloves & 2 short cinnamon sticks,(about) 2.5 lbs. sugar - see method


Simmer fruit in water with spices until very soft & broken up.
Allow to drip through muslin bag overnight if necessary - do NOT squeeze else will go cloudy - but I do prod it about a bit !
Measure juice and pour into preserving pan.
For every 1 pint of juice add 1 lb. sugar (I generally get about 2.5 pts. juice)
Stir over gentle heat to dissolve, then bring up to rolling boil, Boil to setting point, I found about 15 mins.

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