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Smooth Pineapple jam

Submitted by Anastasia 11 June 2009



Smooth Pineapple jam.,,This is a fiddly jam to make but in my humble opinion it is the best jam I have ever made or ever tasted. The first time I made this I used just 1 pineapple but yesterday I used 4.,,,Pineapple ,Water .,Sugar.,Lemon Juice.,,,Peel the pineapple& remove all the brown eyes. Remove the core & keep. Grate or mince the fruit(I do mine in my blender ).,Measure the fruit & add 500mls of water for every 500mls of fruit.,Add the core & boil for 15 minutes.,,Remove the core & discard.,Measure the boiled mixture & for every 500mls add 375mls of sugar.,I add juice from ½ lemon for every pineapple used.,Stir over a low heat until the sugar is dissolved then bring to a rolling boil until the fruit is clear & the syrup is thick .test for setting point in the normal way.,This jam takes a bit more time to reach setting point the first lot I made did not set too well so next day I just boiled it again it turned out perfect,


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