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Pressure cooker CHUNKY SEVILLE ORANGE Marmalade

Submitted by Vx 22 February 2010

Using a pressure cooker cuts down preparation time considerably.



1.5Kg (3LB) Seville oranges, 1.5 Litre boiling water, juice of 2 lemons OR 2 teaspoons citric OR tartaric acid, 3KG (6LB) white sugar.


Scrub oranges and cook them whole with boiling water and lemon juice or acid in pressure cooker at 15LB pressure for 30 mins. Remove from heat but do not open the pressure cooker,and allow to cool overnight at room temperature. This is important as it is part of the cooking time. When peel is soft,remove fruit from liquid and chop roughy with a knife and fork or in food processor. Separate the pips from cut up fruit and return them to the liquid in the pan. boil hard for 6 mins. Strain the liquid into a clean preserving pan and add fruit and sugar in 1LB batches stirring and dissolving before next batch of suger is added. Boil hard until setting point reached at 220F on sugar thermometer. After 10 mins pot into warm sterilized jars(half an hour at 130 in oven)and cover.

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