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Pickled Onions

Submitted by teresa thom 06 September 2009

An elderly lady in my neighbourhood in London made lovely pickled onions.



Jars & lids sterilized and dry. Small onions Bottle of MALT vinegar Pack of pickling spices sugar


Sterilize intact jam or other recycled jars by boiling in a large pan don't forget the lids. Peel and trim onions, be careful when you cut the 'tops and tails' so you don't cause the onion to fall apart in the jar. Cram the onions into the clean jar sprinkle sugar on top of them; 1 teaspoon for a small jar, I tablespoon for a large jar.Pour fresh cold water onto the jar of onions right to the top and put the lid on nice and tight and give it a shake. LET STAND FOR 24 HOURS. Next day gently rinse the onions a few times while still in the jar. Next put in your spice I put in 1 heaped teaspoonful in a small jar, and 1 tablespoon in a large jar. Some people prefer no pickling spice at all. Pour in the malt vinegar to about 2/3 of the jar and top up the rest of the jar with plain cool water. If you use a metal lid use a clean plastic baggie or double thickness of plastic wrap and place over the top of jar and screw the lid on tightly. If you have plastic lids don't bother with that step.Give it a good shake and put in a dark cool area.I usually wait at least 2 months before opening the jar. They should be darkish golden colour and crisp. If they are soft just toss 'em and try again. Will last UNOPENED for a year. When u open them put them in the fridge they won't last the day probably but just in case.

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