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Penny Wise Marmalade (Allen's Cirus Marmalade WI)

Submitted by Frances 11 June 2009

I find the easiest way to save peel for this recipe, is to remove the peel from the fruit with a OXO, easygrip Potato peeler and then chop the peel, to the desired cut, as you go along, otherwise you will have a big job slicing it all together when you come to make the Marmalade - the recipe tells you to boil the peel unsliced, but I ignore this. Then bung in a freezer bag, until you have saved enough peel. Obviously this method can be done in a jam pan, which i use, however you will need to increase the cooking time in order to boil the peel until soft. This recipe originally came from 1995 WI Markets Cookbook.



1.5 lbs Mixed Peel ,1 lb whole Lemons,8 oz Lime Flesh,1/2 pt water,6 lbs Sugar


Place the Peel and water and cook for 10 mins @ 15lb pressure.
(In a Jam Pan, increase cooking time
boil until Peel is very tender)
Leave to cool
Drain and retain liquid and slice peel thinly when cool enough to handle - set aside
Cut Lemon into 1/4s, remove pips and place in Muslin bag.
Remove flesh and chop and slice peel and place in pressure cooker (or jam Pan)
Add Lime pips and peel to muslin and add lime flesh to pressure cooker
Add another 1/2 pt water and cook for 10 mins @ 15 lbs pressure. Allow to cool.
Place previously cooked peel and juices into the pan and with water, make up to 2 1/2 pts
Add the sugar and heat until dissolved -
bring to the boil until setting point is reached
Allow to sit for 10 mins
and then pot into sterilised jars.

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