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Mixed jam

Submitted by emasp 23 September 2011

This is an incomplete recipe because it has to be flexible and the choice of fruit and amount is according to availability. First find a recipe for a fruit that will be the main ingredient of choice. Look at other recipes for the other fruit/fruits that you plan to use and become familiar with ratio of liquid and sugar etc for that fruit and any special considerations. The results can be surprising and have never disappointed me. My particular favourite is raspberry, currant and gooseberry.



As you wish - see above. As to quantities - use what you have in the ratio you want having done what is suggested in the intro.


Follow the method given in the recipe for the main fruit of your mix. As long as you do not use too great a proportion of an over ripe fruit, the jam should set ok.

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Please note: this recipe has been submitted by a user of this website and is not one of Delia's. We cannot, therefore, take any responsibility if the recipe contains errors, does not work or is not as you expect it to be, although, as our users are keen cooks, we are confident it will be a great dish. Delia tests each of her recipes three times, which is why you can always be sure of success.



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