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Firey Chilli & Tomato Relish

Submitted by  11 June 2009



30 red chillies de-seeded & chopped,3 inches on root ginger finely chopped,20-25 cloves of garlic (dependant on how much you like garlic) skinned & chopped ,3 Tbsp cummin seeds crushed lightly,2 Tbsp ground tumeric,2-3 Tbsp salt (dependant on taste),3/4 Pint vegetable/sunflower or rapeseed oil,450g(1LB) granulated sugar,600ml (1Pint) Malt vinegar,3.5kg (8lb) Firm ripe red tomatoes cut into chunks - leave in seeds and don't skin


Lightly fry all the chillies, cumin, ginger, tumeric, garlic in a little of the oil for 2-3 minutes to release flavours into the oil. Add remaining oil & gently heat. When warmed - careful do not heat to hot - add sugar, salt & vinegar. When sugar disolved add the tomatoes and cook until thick. This does take a fair while (2-3 hours) and will have an oil film on the top, but it is worth the cooking time & oil as it goes to a really creamy type texture. Cool for 10minutes and pot into warm jars & seal.

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