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Caribbean Marmalade

Submitted by Frances 11 June 2009

Use as per all Marmalade.



3 lbs 5 oz Mixture of Grapefruit Lemon Orange and 2 Limes,3 1/2 pints of Water,6 1/2 lbs Sugar,Black Rum (Black for the rough flavour)


Slice up all the fruit and remove pips
Place in a large pan with the water and simmer until all the peel is very soft, especially the lime peel.
Add the sugar and stir until dissolved
Bring to a rolling boil and test for set after 5 mins - SETS VERY QUICKLY.
Remove any scum and let sit for 10 mins
In the bottom of each jar (assuming 1lb jars) put 2 teaspoons of Rum.
Then pour in the Marmalade - the Rum mixes with the Marmalade and gives a better flavour than when added directly to the pan.

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