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Broad Bean Wine

Submitted by Chazza 11 August 2010

This is from 'First steps in Winemaking' by C. J. J. Berry (Editor, the Amateur Winemaker).

"…and you must try this most unusual and astonishing wine … produces a light, dry wine of superb quality, hard as that may be to believe!"



4lbs. broad beans (shelled), I gallon water, 2 and three quarter lbs. sugar, A quarter lb. raisins, Yeast, 1 Lemon


Use beans that are too old for normal culinary purposes. To 4lbs of shelled broad beans add I gallon of water and boil slowly for 1 hour. It is essential that the skins do not break or you will have difficulty in clearing the wine.

Strain off the liquor and make up to 1 gallon with boiled water. For a dry wine add 2 and three quarter lbs. sugar, the juice of one lemon and a quarter lb. raisins.

When sufficiently cooled add the yeast and allow 5 days for the first fermentation. Remove the raisins after this period, fix the airlock and from then on treat as any other wine. By careful use of the hydrometer more sugar can be added at stages, but I do not recommend it as a sweet wine.

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