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Bramble Jelly

Submitted by Vicki 11 June 2009

I always use the smallest pots I can, because so many people want a jar of this, and also it can start to go a bit runny after opening. Do let me know how you get on. BJQ xxx



Buy Beg or Borrow a jam pan. Your pressure cooker pan would do but it's a bit thick to turn down quickly when the jelly is boiling. Big plastic measuring jug. A jelly bag needs somewhere to hang so I use large (tea-plate-sized) sieves lined with muslin and the jug or a bowl to drip into. A jam funnel is excellent if you can find one. ,,//Blackberries - up to a quarter should be red or green/ ,Half their weight in green apples - Bramleys or Coxes/ ,1 Lemon / Sugar - have 1or 2 of bags to hand/Red wine ...,,Pick over the berries throw out stalks and leaves but do not be too fussy. All will be well boiled before the end!,


Do not wash the blackberries, you will lose too much juice. Throw them into the pan with a cup of water.
Cut the apples into four, throw in with peel, pips and all.
Cut the lemon into four and throw that in too.
Simmer very gently for half an hour, with a lid on. Tip into jelly bag /lined sieves and leave overnight.
Pour a glass of red wine over the fruit to wash the juice out. Squeeze the bag. Yes, squeeze the bag. Measure the juice. Into a big pan pour the juice and add one pound of sugar to one pint of juice. This is always the rule to make jelly. Wash out the measuring jug with another glass of wine or two and add that. Send the children out of the kitchen. Put your washed jars and lids into a warm oven, leave it on, you want them fairly hot.
Bring to the boil and start to skim the scum off the top as it rises. You will get this whether you squeezed the bag or not. Don't go away, it might boil over . After ten minutes start to test for a set. Put a drop of jelly on a saucer, wait a moment and push it with your finger. When it wrinkles, the jelly is ready. This could be any time in the next half hour, so don't despair, just try again every few mins.
Put a piece of butter on top and swirl it round to get the last bits of scum. Pour hot jelly into hot pots with your best milk jug, and put the tops on straight away so you get a vacuum seal, and check they're tight when it has cooled a bit. These will keep in the larder, no need to fridge, I have opened a jar after two years and it was fine.

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