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Beetroot chutney

Submitted by Anastasia 16 August 2009

This is a light tasty chutney.Be sure to use cooking apples, not an eating variety , as you need the cooking apple to break down in the cooking process. Using an eating apple will give you a very dry chutney , not very nice.



3lbs cooked beetroot(cooked in water not vinegar) still warm 3 Large onions chopped. 3 Large cooking apples,(no need to peel)cored & diced in smallish pieces. 1 1/2 Pts malt vinegar. 3 Tsp ground ginger, 1 Lemon, use the rind , & juic 2 to 4 ozs raisins (Optional). You will need up to 12 ozs of sugar should you decide to store the chutney.


Boil the beetroot until cooked. Meanwhile put all the other ingredients except the raisins in a pan , bring to the boil , & allow to just bubble for about 30 mins. Peel the beetroot , cube & add to the pan.This will now need to cook for around 45 to 60 mins until it is thick, add the raisins if using when you see the chutney start to thicken.10 mins is enough for the raisins.You will need to add up to 12 ozs of sugar if you intend to store the chutney This is a really delicious mild chutney , & will keep for a long time. Store in a dark place for about 6 to 8 weeks before using , a bit longer if possible.

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