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Apricot Jam

Submitted by Crafty Cookie 11 June 2009

Do not fill the preserving pan more than 13 full, due to the boiling jam more than doubling in size when it comes to a rolling boil, watch out for spitting too. Granulated sugar maybe used instead of preserving sugar or jam sugar, the storage times may not be as long though and a little lemon juice (fresh or bottled) maybe needed.



4lb fresh apricots,juice of 1 lemon,4lb preserving sugar,


1 Wash and dry apricots
2 Remove the stone. Blacnhe 12 kernals by dipping into boiling water.
3 Warm preserving sugar in a baking tin.
4 Place all apricots into a preserving pan (or very large saucepan).
5 Add to the pan the apricot kernals, 3/4 pint of cold water and the lemon juice.
6 Simmer until the apricots are soft and the mixture is well reduced.
7 Prepare your jars by placing them in a hot oven.
8 Add the warmed sugar to the apricot mixture, stir until dissolved (do not let it boil at this stage until all sugar has been dissolved or the jam will have a sugary appearance).
9 now bring the mixture to a roling boil and boil rapidly for apprximately 15 minutes or until the temperature reaches 212deg F.
10 Test for setting point. Place a blob of jam onto a cold saucer, if the jam wrinkles when your little finger pushes it away from you it is set. If not, continue to boil.
11 When jam is set remove from the heat, skim off any scum.
12 Allow jam to stand for 15 minutes before ladeling into the warmed jam jars.
13 Allow to cool naturally, covered with a tea cloth.
14 When cold, place on a disc of wax paper, screw on lid tightly label and store.

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