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Apple cheese.

Submitted by Anastasia 24 August 2009

This can be time consuming , but is so well worth the time involved.



3lbs cooking apples peeled cored , & sliced Sugar, granulated (Amount depends on the amount of pulp produced.) Water to just cover the apples, usually 3/4 to 1 pt.


Put the apples in a pan just cover with water , & bring to the boil.Cook until they are very soft, almost fluffy to look at. Allow to cool Press through a sieve, nylon is best , I use the back of a wooden spoon. For each pint of pulp , I use 14 ozs of sugar.This is the time consuming bit. Put the pulp , & sugar in the pan , & slowly bring to the boil.Now turn the heat down , & boil GENTLY, until the mixture is so thick that you can really stand a spoon up in it.It will be very thick.You must constantly stir gently never leaving for more than a couple of mins. Use sterelised pots brushed with olive oil to store the cheese in.Leave for a few months before using.I leave mine 6 months. this will keep for up to 2 years , & will improve very much with age

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