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boozy joint

Submitted by Gerry 11 June 2009

Serve with boiled new potatoes. Serves at least 6 gluttons lavishly.



,, * A large joint: I used a 7lb. Haunch of Venison (our local breed is the milder-tasting Roe Deer), * ½pint each of Olive Oil Red Wine Vinegar Red Wine Game Stock, * ¼pint of Sloe Gin, * 1tablespoon each of Soy Sauce and Honey, * 1teaspoon each of Dijon Mustard crushed Coriander Seeds Sea Salt, * ½teaspoon of crushed Black Pepper, * 2Bay Leaves 6 Juniper Berries bunch of Thyme, * Juice from 1 Seville Orange few shakes of Angostura Bitters,


* Marinade all the above for 1 week or so in cold place, turning joint daily (or for less if short of time)
* 4oz of dried red kidney beans or other pulses (or leave them out if you don't like them)
* 4 oz of ready-to-eat dried fruit (I used apricots; use whatever is to hand)
* Vegetables: 3lb of whatever you like, softer ones go in later or all in together if you're unfussy; I used onions, garlic, carrots, courgettes, sweet potatoes and mushrooms.

Day before cooking: soak beans overnight. To cook: start cooking beans in unsalted water; when they're done you can leave them in the water. Drain and dry meat, dust with flour, brown in hot oil. Add all other ingredient including marinade. (You can add softer items in stages). Bring to simmer, transfer to oven at 150°C. Cover, cook for about 4 hours, adding drained beans for last hour.

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