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a great garden party

Submitted by Siobhan 11 June 2009



As promised here are the things I prepared and /or served for my eldest daughter's party last Sunday. With the aperitif good Italian olives and pimentos little chicken brochettes (bought frozen) nice pizza cut into small wedges (bought) Libyan Soup (spicy lamb and chickpeas and couscous in tomatoey soup- delicious -served into tiny soup bowls - recipe out of Delia's Winter book) scampi prepared with ginger green pepper corns and cream - recipe out of local supermarket's advert) crudites dipped in a Fromage blanc with fresh herbs (just made it up myself) and good quality salt and pepper crisps and tacos with home-made spicy dip. That took us from 1 to 4 in the afternoon. Then buffet with cold salmon( Delias baked in the oven with herbs - recipe found on this website) with green herb mayonnaise Spicy lamb meatballs (recipe also found on website) A big platter of good Italian charcuterie (we have a very good Italian delicatessen close by) a Red pepper bavarois (Raymond blanc cooking for friends book - a recipe I have made several times and is always well appreciated) Green salad rice salad with raisins red pepper spring onion etc Delias potato salad with lemon and chives (this web site) a taboule (made by very good friend) a white cabbage salad (also very good friend). At 6 other friends arrived and then a beautiful buffet of cheese and charcuterie (ordered from a local fromagerie good quality local (Belgian) and French products) an assortment of good bread and then a dessert buffet prepared by my Mum (pavlovas fromage blanc terrines with raspberries and blueberries banoffee pies etc all Delias I believe). All washed down by plenty of wine or Belgian beers on a gorgeous sunny day. A great success and well worth all the preparation. Still a few leftovers so no cooking yet tonight... Now have two years to rest until daughter number two wants similar party ...


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