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Real Faggots

Submitted by Top Conker 02 July 2009

Found this receipe on a site dedicated to curries would you believe!! Anyway, it's how I remember making them all those years ago when I worked in a slaughterhouse.



2x sheep’s or pigs hearts 1lb of pigs liver 2x large onions 2 packs of sage and onion stuffing) 1 pigs caul (or 1lb of streaky bacon) 1tablespoon salt 1tablespoon black pepper


Cut off any gristle that may be attached to hearts and liver if any present, cut up both into quarters, boil in slightly salted water for 20 min or until no blood runs red if firmly pricked, if still runs red boil for another 10 mins. Chop onions again boil these in salted water until soft (keep water after cooking) Drain meats and when cool enough to handle, coarsely mince liver and heart and put aside in large mixing bowl Drain the onions, let cool, remember to keep the delicious water from these to one side Add the onions to your bowl of liver and heart and loosely mix by hand then, if using packet of stuffing mix, (believe me its easier), mix the water from the onions as per the instructions on pack, add to mix, or add rusk and sage to mix and add 100 ml of the onion water, add the salt and pepper. mix the whole lot together then re-mince again using “large plate”. Method 1 Soak caul fat in luke warm water to soften and then rinse, stretch out on you clean worktop, it may stretch further than you think so make plenty room, roll your faggot mix by hand into fist size balls, (about 3 inches diameter), lay them on the caul fat allowing enough space between them so that when you cut a square around each one there's enough to completely wrap the faggot up when in the membrane, (caul fat ), a 5 inch square of caul is usually enough. Do this until all are wrapped up and look a little like small haggis. Bake on a baking tray in medium hot oven for half an hour or until the caul fat wrapper is a golden brown colour. Serve with your favourite veg and gravy. Method 2 Same as above but if no caul fat is available wrap faggot balls in thin cut streaky bacon use 2 or 3 slices if necessary , it stretches a good way so will cover well and also gives a more crispy jacket after cooking.

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