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Chicken & Ham with Leeks & Peas in a Parsley sauce

Submitted by Peter 11 June 2009

I think this would be good served in a well of creamy mashed potato with fried onions mixed through. As with almost everything I cook, quantities of ingredients aren't critical and neither are the exact ingredients either. You want tinned corn; add tinned corn etc.



C & H with L & P - ,Flesh from 2 large thighs or 4 drums if you prefer (about 250-300gms). 125gms pack of sliced ham (smoked is tastier). Medium leek (about 250gms). One or two handfuls of thawed frozen peas. ,Parsley sauce - ,½ a VerY finely chopped onion. 1oz/25 gms butter. 1oz/25 gms flour. 1/2 pint/300 mls warm milk. 2 cloves. 2 good sprigs parsley. 1 tsp yellow Crystal brand (best) / French / Dijon / or wholegrain mustard.


C & H with L & P
Cut chook into thumb-joint sized seasoned pieces and sauté in butter/EVO with lid ½ on/off till cooked and the liquid is like a syrup. Add the ham pieces (thumbnail sized), turn off heat and put into a container. In the same pan, sweat the seasoned leeks in more butter/EVO (halved and sliced crossways to 1cm/½ inch) till just cooked through. If you are using the green part then cook this for 5 minutes first before adding the white, as the green needs more cooking.

Parsley Sauce
Sweat the onion, cloves and bruised parsley stalks in the butter till soft. Add the flour and cook for a minute or two. Off the heat add the milk in stages and when as thin as cream heat to a simmer and cook for 5 minutes and it's thickish. Add ½ tsp salt, ½ tsp Maggi chook stock pdr and 1tsp of mustard. Remove cloves and parsley stalks! Add the peas (don't need cooking in my opinion), leeks and the chopped parsley. Add the chook mixture back and add a little milk if it’s thickened too much. Check all seasonings and feel pleased with yourself!

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