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Cheese,Marrow & Bacon Pudding.

Submitted by Julian Oxborough 09 August 2010

This started out as a basic cheese Pudding which my mum used to make.I wanted to add more of a flavour tp the recipe so i added marrow and bacon and it worked out a treat.



6 Slices of well buttered white bread. 2 medium diced Onions 6 Slices of diced Bacon 1 large Marrow diced 4 oz -5 0z of grated Cheese 2 oz Butter Pint Milk 2/3 Eggs Salt & Pepper and mustard for taste.


1) Heat the frying pan with a little oil,fry the diced bacon,onions and marrow until golden brown. 2) Well grease pie dish,Place a layer of bread and butter fingers in the bottom and sprinkle liberally with the bacon,onions,marrow and cheese.Repeat until the bread,bacon,onions,marrow and cheese are all used up. 3) Beat the eggs well,add the milk and mustard and pour over the bread,bacon,onions,marrow and cheese. 4) Leave to soak for a hour,then stand in a pan of cold water and bake in the oven at 180 f until the egg is set and the top of the pudding golden brown.

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