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Bruine bonen met appels en spek

Submitted by marilyn 11 June 2009



500 grams dried brown beans,6 Granny Smith apples,300 grams fresh pork or streaky bacon,(for a less greasy meal use pork chops),3 onions,150 grams molasses or Dutch stroop (=syrup usually poured over dutch pancakes),salt pepper & cinnamon,coarse black bread or multigrain bread,


Start preparation a day ahead. Soak the beans overnight in plenty of water. The following day, bring the beans and the same water - with a level teaspoon of salt - to a boil and cook over low heat for about 60 minutes.
Meanwhile, peel and core the apples and slice them in rings. Boil the rings in shallow water for a few minutes and drain. Sprinkle the pork with pepper and cinnamon, and slowly fry in its own fat. Save the grease. (When opting for pork chops, fry in a little butter, and save the fat).
Peel and dice the onions and fry in the bacon grease/fat. Add the apple slices to the beans and drain. Very slowly warm the molasses/stroop and add some of the bacon grease/fat. Serve the beans with the fried pork and the hot molasses on the side and thick slices of bread.

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