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Submitted by TerryKay 15 December 2009

BLIND FRIENDLY RECIPE This is an ideal easy meal for lazy souls like me too. No knifes, no mixing, no need of tedious, accurate measuring and NO WASHING UP! HOORAY! A simple, delicious and a fun dish for novice cooks and pro-chefs alike.



PER BAG, , 3 Sausages (scissor to bite size), Handful of chopped onion (Pre-chopped packet for ease), 5 Cherry Tomatoes, Handful Carrot Slices (Pre-chopped), 4 Small Tinned Potatoes, 6 Button Mushrooms, 1 Stock Cube, Salt & Pepper


1._Tear_off_about_2_feet_of_tinfoil, fold_it_over_to_double_it’s_thickness_and_lay_it_flat. 2._Lay_the_ingredients_on_top_of_this_foil, sprinkle_on_stock_cube_and_season_to_taste. 3._Make_a_sealed_parcel_by_folding_foil_over_food and_folding_edges_together. I_could_give_an_origami_lesson_but_if_it’s_air_tight_it doesn’t_matter_how._(DON’T WORRY), 4._Cook_on_a_baking_tray_in_a_pre-heated_oven_at Gas_Mark_7_for_45mins. TIPS:_________________________ 1._Remove_a_lone_packet_from_oven_or_coals_first and_unwrap_it_to_check_if_done. If_sausages_don’t_feel_done_then_re-wrap and_place_back_with_the_others. 2._Maybe,_once_you’ve_tried_it_this_way, you_may wish_to_try_different_ingredients_to_make_it_your’s. Celery,_different_mushrooms,_peas,_sweetcorn,_burgers, pork_chops,_rosemary,_mixed_herbs. Hey_you_name_it,_this_recipe_is_very_versatile. What’s_the_worst_that_could_happen?. 3._DON’T_WORRY.________________

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