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BBQ Marinate

Submitted by Ulrich Dannecker 10 September 2009

As a South African, where bbq-ing is a national past-time, I can highly recommend my homemade BBQ Marinade. It makes meat really tasty and prevents it from drying out.



100ml Olive Oil,2 tbsp. brown Sc.,4 tbsp. Tomatoe Sc.,2 tbsp. Chutney, 1/2cup red wine Salt 7 ground black pepper.


Blend marinate ingredients by whisking together. Soak meat ideally overnight, but at least for 4 hours. When bbq-ing over hot embers(not flames!), regularly baste meat with basting brush. Turn meat or chicken frequently until slightly browned. If in doubt, rather take off heat too early than too late. Check by slicing off small piece to taste. Enjoy!

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