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Submitted by Sheila 11 June 2009

We like this with carrots and dark greens and we sprinkle the dark greens with vinegar which is delicious. Don't know why, it's a family thing and we don't use vinegar on anything else, so just try a dab to make sure it's to your taste.



8 oz self raising flour,4 oz suet,8 oz bacon,Teaspoon mixed herbs


Make up the suet crust by combining the flour and suet with water to make a dough, then roll out to form an oblong.
Cover this with the bacon and herbs (plus if you like it a little finely chopped onion)
Roll it up into a swiss roll shape, carefully tucking in the ends.
Wrap loosely (to allow expansion) in greased tinfoil or greaseproof paper and tinfoil.
Steam for about 2 hours although you can leave it steaming until you are ready.

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