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Angel's Cheesy Sausage & Mushroom Pasta

Submitted by Angel 11 June 2009

This is one of those dishes that I made up as I went along and just used what I had in the fridge! I'm quietly pleased with it and it got Honey Mustard's seal of approval, so I hope you all like it too! () :O) Angel



Serves 4,2 large onions finely chopped.,8 Jumbo frankfurters (they often come in packs of 4 so you'll need 2 packs or just a standard pack of 8 skinny ones!),200g Chestnut mushrooms.,2 smallish glasses of white wine.,1 teaspoon smoked paprika.,50 g Mature Cheddar grated. ,20g Grated Parmesan ,1 Pint milk. ,40 g Plain flour. ,40 g Butter. ,A little freshly grated nutmeg.,Salt and freshly milled black pepper. ,Cooked pasta for 4 people variety and amount down to personal choice dependant on appetite.,


1.\tStart off by frying the onion until golden brown.

2.\tAdd the sliced (on the diagonal) frankfurters and fry until browned.

3.\tAdd the chopped mushrooms, you can use what ever mushrooms you prefer, cook until nicely browned.

4.\tPour on the two glasses of wine and reduce the liquid. Set to one side.

5.\tCook the pasta as per instructions.

6.\tIn the mean time make the cheese sauce. Place the milk, flour and butter into a saucepan and place it over a gentle heat. Then begin whisking, don’t stop, whilst bringing it to a gentle simmer.

7.\tOnce you have a smooth, glossy sauce, and simmer very gently for 5 minutes. Then add the cheese (again what ever mix of cheese you want) and whisk again, allowing them to melt. Then season with salt, freshly milled black pepper and some freshly grated nutmeg.

8.\tCombine the sausage mixture with the cooked pasta and cheese sauce and serve immediately with green vegetables or a green salad and enjoy!
Love Angel

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