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Alessandro's Pork Fillets with Pancetta and Broad Beans

Submitted by adri  11 June 2009



500g pork fillet,200g pancetta,extra virgin olive oil,2garlic cloves peeled and roughly crushed with knife,2 sprigs fresh rosemary,some leaves of fresh sage,250g broad beans (frozen is ok),grated Pecorino


You're going to need to take the skin off the broad beans so the best thing to do is boil them in salty water first for about 15 minutes or until the skin starts to wrinkle. Strain and cool them in a bowl of cool water and patiently remove the skins. Set the hearts aside for later.

pork fillet................cut into medaglions

pancetta................unroll into a strip and wrap around the rim of each pork medaglion.

1 garlic clove
1 sprig rosemary
some sage leaves................. put in pan and swish around while it heats so the oil picks up the flavour of the herbs.

Don't let the garlic brown or it will be bitter and ruin your meal. Remove the garlic if you have to- if you remove it before it browns, its lovely flavour stays in the oil.

Place medaglions into pan on med-high heat so the bottom side sears to lock in the juices. Turn only once-when it begins to bleed from above is the signal that it is time to turn the meat.

Add salt and pepper.

Meanwhile in another pan put oil, rosemary, sage and chopped up leftover pieces of pancetta. Use a littlle more oil than in the meat pan because you are going to toss your beans in here and the oil should be enough to dress them.

Serve the pork with the beans. Add the grated pecorino while the beans are very hot.

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