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Submitted by expat down mexico way 03 August 2009

A great main course - the real thing behind the american chilli con carne (and no chillies to be found!) CONTAINS NUTS! Tho' tastes just as great without. herbs and spices can be increased to taste.



NOT ENOUGH SPACE FOR INGREDIENTS!! 500g mince beef,6-8 tomatoes (liquidised) (or 1 400g tin of tomatoes), 1 garlic clove (chopped), 1/2 onion (diced finely), 5 cloves (I put about 8) ground in mortar and pestle,


1/2 tsp pepper - preferably ground by you. 1 tsp of each: marjoram, thyme, cinnamon, 2 large bay leaves, small handful almonds, small handful raisins, oil, stock cube (to be crumbled, not diluted), squirt of ketchup or tomato paste (to thicken and enrich tomato taste - tho' this is my addition to the recipe) 1)warm oil in casserole dish 2)add onion and garlic to golden colour 3)add mince and stir vigourously til it breaks into "breadcrumb" appearance 4)add herbs, cinnamon, raisins so that meat absorbs flavours 5)add liquidised tomatoes, stock cube and almonds 6) stir in ketchup/paste (if required) 7) cover and wait til tomato sauce is just right - not too liquidy, not too dry. serve with rice and "frijoles" (free-hol-es) ((beans)) "buen provecho" (bon appetit)

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