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In addition to Delia's wonderful recipes, you've submitted literally hundreds - from curries to casseroles, roasts to rice-based dishes - that all sound very tempting indeed. Have a browse...

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Chicken & Ham with Leeks & Peas in a Parsley sauce

Published 11 Jun 2009
by  Peter

Chicken, ham, leeks and parsley sauce are such good bedfellows don't you think?


Chicken & Mushroom Pie (leftover recipe)

Published 19 Oct 2011
by  sam from worthing

This is a wonderful dish to make with left over roast chicken/turkey. Freezes very well to, best cooked from defrosted, but can be cooked from frozen. (sorry about the burry piccie though)


Chicken Adobo

Published 11 Jun 2009
by oscarthegrouch

The unoffcial national dish of the Philippines, easy to make and even better eaten a few days after cooking for the flavours to seep in. This is a good way to use those chicken parts sold in supermarkets.


Chicken and brocalli Heinz

Published 28 Sep 2011
by  Mel Evans


Chicken and Butternut Thai Green Curry

Published 26 Nov 2009
by Maz - New Zealand

My friend cooked this for me whilst she and her husband were visiting NZ in January. Great recipe if you have members of your family who are a bit iffy eating pumkin and squash. I tend to cook this in a large frying pan or in a wok.


Chicken and Chickpea Casserole

Published 11 Jun 2009
by Gayle

Low GI HIgh Yum


Chicken and Kiwi Sauce

Published 06 Aug 2011
by fudgeit20

Basically it's chicken breast poached with celery and leek and you serve it on a bed of kiwi and citrus sauce. It's an amazing summery taste, my uncle taught me to make it but I don't know where it originates from. Takes just under an hour to cook.


Chicken and mushroom curry

Published 11 Jun 2009
by  Lesley

Another really nice curry


Chicken and Mushroom Curry

Published 11 Jun 2009
by  Lesley

One that my daughter made up


Chicken and mushroom risotto

Published 04 Aug 2011
by Darkginger

This is a 'second day' recipe - the first day being the one where you buy a whole chicken, remove the breasts, and use them for something else. Also take the legs off the chicken, then pop the carcass and the legs into the oven and roast until done. U

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