Kiwi Fruit Competition Recipes

Kiwi SmoothieKiwi fruit contains as much vitamin C as two oranges, more vitamin E than two apples and the same amount of potassium as one banana, as well as being a good source of fibre, antioxidants and low in fat and GI.  

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Basmati Rice

Published 03 Oct 2013
by rakhi katare

basmati rice is good for health


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Easy Kiwi Fruit Smoothie

Published 27 Jul 2011
by Sheenagh Antonis

This kiwi fruit smoothie is an old favourite of mine. It's perfect for the end of a hot summer's day, as the sunlight begins to draw golden, but before it's cool enough for the evening meal to attract.

This smoothie is thick and creamy from th


Kiwi and nut crumble

Published 18 Jul 2011
by Helen Marshall

A tasty kiwi-based desert


Kiwi Butterfly Muffins

Published 10 Aug 2011
by  Rachel Marr

I used to make these kiwi muffins when I lived in New Zealand, just to get rid of the glut of them, I also used Fijoas in the same way.


Kiwi Cheesecake Surprise.

Published 20 Jul 2011
by Gloria Wilding

This is a dessert that can be served for any occasion.


Kiwi Fruit Ice

Published 11 Aug 2011
by m0ss0p

A lovely zingy frozen dessert for hot summer days.


Kiwi fruit Jam

Published 19 Jul 2011
by  sam from worthing

A lovely Jam, makes approx 4 decent sized jars worth (i use different sized jars so hard to gauge.  keep your peeled kiwi's in lemoned water until ready to mash altogether as it can discolour.


Kiwi Fruit Jellies

Published 18 Jul 2011
by  anouska3

Cut these delicious jellied candies into exotic shapes to match the exotic kiwifruit flavor. Plan ahead to refrigerate overnight.


Kiwi Fruit Mousse

Published 25 Jul 2011
by madger

The children love this as an extra with ice cream!  This recipe makes enough for four small servings.


Kiwi Gin and Tonic

Published 20 Jul 2011
by  Ian Westerman

A very straightforward but pleasant adaptation of Gin and Tonic

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