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Zesty Pork and Kiwi spicy salad

Submitted by Sunshine2020 31 July 2011

This is a fabulous salad for the warmer months that has a gorgeously zesty tang to it.  



Pork chop or loin, lime, salad items (lettuce, cucumber etc), orange, kiwi, 2 tbsp x olive oil, 1 tbsp x raspberry vinegar, salt, black pepper, red chilli (amount depends on desired heat of dish).


Take the pork and rest it in the fridge, covered with clingwrap for 2 hours in the lime juice.  While you're waiting wash and dry the salad items and chop them up - this is a perfect fork only dish.  Peel the orange and slice the segments into thirds.  Peel and slice the kiwi into pretty circles.

For the dressing - whisk up the oil and raspberry vinegar, add a pinch of salt and a generous grind of black pepper.  De-seed the chilli (or not if you're a serious heat seeker) and chop very finely.  Add the chilli to the dressing and cover.

Grill or BBQ the pork, mix with the orange and kiwi then add to the salad.  Finally whisk and pour on the dressing.  Yummy!

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