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Tropical Cheesecake

Submitted by Karon 02 August 2011

A summery cheesecake that is fairly quick and easy to make.  You can then just forget about it, just leave it in the fridge until needed so it is a good dessert to prepare ahead.



125g ginger biscuits- finely crushed

50g dessicated coconut

75g butter

300g cream cheese

60g icing sugar

250ml double cream

3 tsps lemon juice

3 kiwi fruit-2 diced. 1 sliced

2 mangoes-diced

2 slices pineapple- chopped into small pieces



1. Melt butter, mix in biscuit crumbs and coconut.  Press into base of a 20 cm spring tin. Chill.

2. Beat together cream cheese, icing sugar and lemnon juice.

3. Lightly whip cream and fold into cheese mixture with kiwi and mango and the pineapple.

4. Spoon filling onto the biscuit base.


5. Chill for several hours.

6. Decorate with the sliced kiwi fuit just before serving.

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