Kiwi Fruit Competition Recipes

Kiwi SmoothieKiwi fruit contains as much vitamin C as two oranges, more vitamin E than two apples and the same amount of potassium as one banana, as well as being a good source of fibre, antioxidants and low in fat and GI.  

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Tropical Cheesecake

Published 02 Aug 2011
by Karon

A summery cheesecake that is fairly quick and easy to make.  You can then just forget about it, just leave it in the fridge until needed so it is a good dessert to prepare ahead.


Zesty Pork and Kiwi spicy salad

Published 31 Jul 2011
by Sunshine2020

This is a fabulous salad for the warmer months that has a gorgeously zesty tang to it.  

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