Kiwi Fruit Competition Recipes

Kiwi SmoothieKiwi fruit contains as much vitamin C as two oranges, more vitamin E than two apples and the same amount of potassium as one banana, as well as being a good source of fibre, antioxidants and low in fat and GI.  

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Kiwi Fruit Mousse

Published 25 Jul 2011
by madger

The children love this as an extra with ice cream!  This recipe makes enough for four small servings.


Kiwi Gin and Tonic

Published 20 Jul 2011
by  Ian Westerman

A very straightforward but pleasant adaptation of Gin and Tonic


Kiwi Pina Colada Smoothie

Published 04 Aug 2011
by Campbek

This is a lovely, low fat and refreshing recipe for breakfast and supplies over 100% of your daily Vitamin C requirement.


Kiwi Piquant Surprise

Published 15 Jul 2011
by johnrich

Kiwi Fruit blended with thick Greek Yogurt and a little Honey . Serve with a fresh basil leaf garnish


Kiwi power smoothie

Published 20 Jul 2011
by  Jean Dayton

This is a delicious and refreshing smoothie that will wake up your senses at breakfast, lunch or any other time.


Kiwi Prosecco Jellies

Published 15 Jul 2011
by carolyn turner

A beautiful clean tasting dessert, refreshing to the palate. (Make alcoholic or non-alcoholic version.)


Kiwi Smoothie

Published 03 Aug 2011
by helixo

How To Prepare A Kiwi for a Smoothie

Kiwi fruits have quite a strange looking brown skin. When they are ripe and ready to eat they should be firm, yet with a little bit of yield. If they are too soft, they are overripe. They should feel f


kiwi surprise

Published 19 Jul 2011
by mistywest

a great healthy way to start the day, full of goodness and gives you plenty of energy. while keeping you full up for longer.


Kiwifruit 'Marinade'

Published 20 Jul 2011
by JAD

Not many people realise that kiwifruit are a wonderful tenderiser.  If you have some over ripe kiwifruit use them in a marinade instead of throwing them away.

They transform meat which can be tough or dry.

Strange but true!!


Silvia Mariani

Published 02 Aug 2011
by silviam

Kiwi Salad

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