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Ginger Curd Pudding

Submitted by jeni 11 June 2009

You could serve it with more ginger curd!! or cream.



4oz butter and extra for greasing the basin,4oz caster sugar,2 egg yolks,6oz fresh white breadcrumbs,juice and grated rind of 2 lemons,1oz plain flour,1 tsp baking powder,2 Tbsp milk ( 2½ if microwaving),4 Tbsp ginger curd don't be mean with it it's too nice.


Cream butter and sugar till soft and light.
Add egg yolks, lemon juice and rind and breadcrumbs, beat well.
Add the well sifted flour and baking powder then the milk and gently stir in.
Butter a 1½ pint pudding basin generously and put the ginger curd in the bottom.
Add the pudding mixture and level off, cover with tinfoil if you are steaming or greased greaseproof paper if you are microwaving.
Steam for 1½ hours over boiling water.
Or microwave. I did mine on level 6 of a 950 watt microwave for 6 minutes.

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